Company Information

System DC was founded by Alan Shepherd who has brought an experienced team together to provide IT consultancy, installation services & support. With more than 30yrs IT experience we are well positioned to give you the right impartial advice. We don't sell servers or computers, we leave you to get the best deal on commodity items from internet resellers. When they are long gone we will be here to support you.

About Us

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  • Our Vision

    To allow all businesses to focus on what they do best.

  • Our Mission

    To be your outsourced IT department working as part of your team. We will be responsive and always offer you impartial advice that is always in your best interests.

  • Our Projects

    We have guided all sizes of businesses from startups to long established organizations.

    This might be how to work with the "cloud" or implementing Storage Area Networks


  • Learn More

    If you would like to know more about how we can help your business please contact us to arrange a convenient time when we can talk.


  • We needed a solution for a our mobile workforce, System DC understood our needs and were able to provide us with sensible affordable suggestions to take us forward.

    -- SpaClean
  • System DC helped us to spec the right size servers, we would have spent far more money than was necessary, we were wary about taking the virtualization path but they convinced us it was the right choice for us, we haven't looked back.

    -- ADC
  • We had a problem with PCI compliance, as a small organization we did not have the resources in house, System DC guided us through the process step by step and saved us a lot of money and time.

    -- Signatures

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